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0.045 ETH each

NFT collection
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Homo Spacien parallels the scientific and physical influences that will impact how humans look, dress, and interact with each other as we explore galactic environments, opening up conversations and reflection on space exploration.

Homo Spacien is a project conceptualized by Vizzio Art Creators Lab (VACL), a large group of artists, developers, and NFT-enthusiasts.

Owning a unique Homo Spacien is about being part of a strong community project that has a great road map during the year.

10,000 NFTs living eternally
on the Ethereum network

0.045 ETH each (+ gas)*
* Minting price was set low given the high gas fees presently on the Ethereum network.

153 traits in 13 different categories

Art and Concept Creation by Nükhet Çetin

NFT Display platform, Vizzio Art

And win a trip to space!

The collection and traits

The collection is designed as Digital Collage Art using geometrical shapes and randomly combined with many traits using computer-generated software.

Thousands of permutations and combinations form a set of 10,000 unique Homo Spaciens, each with their own style, rarity and scarcity.

background Backgrounds
background Hair Types
background Eyes
background Lips
background Dresses
background Jewelry & Accessories
background Space Crafts
background Planets

Homo Spaciens IN space

Be one of the lucky Homo Spacien owners to see your NFT photographed and filmed directly from space. And get a physical copy authenticated for having gone to space. Q2/2023.

HOW ABOUT a trip to space!

A lucky Homo Spacien owner will win a ticket to travel to space. Winner announced in Q2/2023.

Male Homo Spacien

Our community-inspired male Homo Spacien will be released in Q3/2023.


Homo Spacien will symbolise for years to come, the recent space exploration activity by the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson with SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. The last year has been a pivotal point in the history of space travel and exploration, and this powerful NFT collection highlights the endless possibilities for humans in the future.

VACL has conceptualised how humans will evolve as space travel becomes a more familiar and accessible option, focussing on how human’s skin colour, fashion, form, accessories and environmental factors will continue to adapt over time.

The Homo Spacien community should share their thoughts and open their imagination to how evolution will transform. We are about to set forth on an amazing journey and can’t wait for you to join us.

Protecting our planet

Homo Spaciens love the planet so we pledge to mitigate the carbon footprint of the NFT mint by planting trees to offset the CO2 emissions.

We are working with Earth9 to source the best nature-based carbon credits and planting trees to make Earth a better place.

The cosmic journey


A collection offered to NFT and space lovers for FREE (only ETH Gas to pay).
No utility. Just awesome NFT Art!
And CaniSpacien gives holders first access to the female Homo Spacien.


Unique female Homo Spaciens

It’s the start of the journey of human future in space.

Space-themed community

Love space? Be an important participant in our channels.


NFTs in space

Some physical, and virtual, Homo Spacien NFTs will be photographed and filmed in space! And you can own an authenticated one.

Merch store

A range of great products will be released bringing Homo Spacien NFTs to the physical world.


male Homo Spacien

Community-inspired male Homo Spaciens will be created taking into consideration your ideas and suggestions. Let’s do it together.


Vizzio Art gives you the ability to display a Homo Spacien playlist on your TV and screens.



Your Homo Spacien or Homo Spacien family will be brought to life in the Metaverse. Time for Homo Spaciens to evolve in a space metaverse.

Space travel

Dreamt of going to space? Well this will become a reality for a couple of lucky owners of a Homo Spacien.

Cosmic team

A team passionate about space, NFTs, blockchain and bringing creativity to the technology world.

HS Artist

Art and Concept Creator

Nükhet Çetin

Concept creation, art and all the other visuals of the collection, using her artistic talent, experience and love of all aspects of the universe.

Highly experienced and multidisciplinary graphic designer, creative director, and artist having worked all her career for global brands and innovative tech companies.

A space-enthusiast and a curious soul expressing her futuristic dreams through digital and typography art.

Galactic President

Patrick Ashworth

The team leader, orchestrating the cosmic journey and making sure everything advances smoothly along the journey, and managing all financial aspects.

Rocket Technician

Paco Alvarez

Coding the computer-generated art collection, and managing all technology needs of Homo Spacien.

Space Web Weaver

Marçal Sans

Making sure Homo Spacien is presented in the best light on the web.

Star Chainer

Vikash Verma

Bringing the collection alive on the blockchain.

Space Messenger

Bahadır Ölez

Social media marketing and keeping an eye on the marketing metrics.

Space Supervisors

Gareth O’Sullivan & Jack Kosakowski

Keeping the communities alive and kicking.

Merch store is coming soon


Recent Space Missions such as Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos going to space with Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX venture, have revived the interest in space; and Vizzio Art Creators Lab wants to explore how humans will one day colonize the Earth’s cosmic backyard.

Homo Spaciens unite many exciting elements that depict how human beings will evolve physically and technologically to address environmental conditions.

The collection is designed as Digital Collage Art. The face and body are created using geometrical shapes and randomly combined with many traits using computer-generated software.

The NFT collection unites the main traits of Face & Body, Skin Colours, Hair Types, Eyes, Lips and Background with rare traits such as Skin & Face textures, Gemstone eyes, Eye Evolutions, Eye Triangles, Eye Circles, Eye accessories, Mosaic Lips, Space Dresses, Necklaces, Head accessories, Earrings, Spacecrafts, Glass & Halo Shields, and Planets.

Homo Spaciens was developed by Vizzio Art Creators Lab. The main team members were

Art and Concept Creation: Nukhet Cetin

Management and Marketing: Patrick Ashworth

Technology: Paco Alvarez

In the next couple of weeks, we will be building up momentum towards our go-live date. You can be an active member of the community and make sure that all your friends who could be interested in our discussions join us… and you can even win free NFTs!

If you are new to the NFT world, here is a step-by-step approach to owning a Homo Spacien NFT.

  • Sign up to our various channels and be a part of our community… we want to hear from you, so be active… and please share with your friends and network, the more of us the better…
  • Sign up and install a MetaMask wallet. Watch this video from MetaMask that explains how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNPz-Dv5BjM
  • Buy some ETH directly into your MetaMask wallet… it is easy and well explained by MetaMask
  • Set up an account on OpenSea. It is well explained here: https://support.opensea.io/hc/en-us/articles/360061676254-How-do-I-create-an-OpenSea-account-
  • If you want to be one of the lucky first owners in our pre-sale activities, you will be informed how to do so on one of our social media channels and you may get the chance to be "whitelisted" on our Early bird and/or Pre-Sale. Then, on the specific day of those sales, you will be informed if you have been successful in having the chance to make the purchase. Make sure your wallet has enough Ethereum.
  • On the day of the Main Sale, you must:
    • Click "Connect Wallet" (in the header of our site) to connect MetaMask to our website (and make sure your wallet has enough Ethereum).
    • A "Mint" section will be activated on our site at 5pm GMT / 6pm CET / 12pm EST / 9am PST which will allow you to mint an NFT.
    • Choose a quantity (max. 10 Homo Spaciens per transaction are possible) and click "Mint Now".
  • If you are successful, your NFT(s) will then appear in your wallet (and Opensea account if you have one).
  • And then you are the lucky owner of a Homo Spacien NFT. Enjoy it.

You will need to have MetaMask installed and set up.

(If you don't know what MetaMask is or how to install it, please visit https://metamask.io for instructions).

In order to buy, connect our site with your wallet and use the minting interface to select how many Homo Spaciens you want to buy.

On the drop date of the «female» Homo Spacien collection, you can select a number of Homo Spaciens you would like to buy (maximum 10 per transaction) and then click "mint now". Approve the transaction on MetaMask, and if you are successful, you will be one of the lucky owners of the Homo Spacien collection.

Please make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet for the desired amount of Homo Spaciens (see pricing above) and for some fees - AKA Gas fees (which are charged by the Ethereum network).

After clicking the “Connect Wallet” button on the website (top right corner) you will be able to select Metamask or WalletConnect.

WalletConnect is compatible with most of the existing wallets and you can check the full list of compatible wallets here: https://walletconnect.com/registry.

After clicking the WalletConnect option you will see a QR code that you can scan with your compatible wallet mobile app, or use the Desktop tab to use your favourite computer based wallet.

On the day of minting, once you have connected your wallet, selected the number of Homo Spaciens and clicked "Mint Now", your Homo Spacien will appear in your wallet (if you are quick enough since Homo Spaciens will sell out quickly!), and your Opensea account if you have one (which is necessary for resales).

All rights are shown on our Terms and Conditions page which you can see here

Early bird DateWednesday 5th January 2022
Early bird Time5pm GMT / 6pm CET / 12pm EST / 9am PST
Early bird Limits500 early adopters with a limit of 1 mint
Early bird Mint Price0.045 ETH + Gas
Early bird rewardsFree NFT to 25 Early bird owners (randomly chosen)
Presale DateTBC
Presale Limits1000 early adopters with a limit of mint
Presale Mint Price0.045 ETH + Gas
Presale rewardsFree NFT to 50 Early bird owners (randomly chosen)
Main Sale DateTBC
Main Sale Limits8000 "female" Homo Spaciens
Main Sale Mint Price0.045 ETH + Gas
Total Supply10000
Giveaway Reservations275 (minted and held by the project wallet)
Team Reservations75
Company Reservations150
Total traits153
Total categories13
Resolution1048 x 2160
Token TypeERC-721
Media & MetaData HostingIPFS
Secondary Royalties10%
Smart Contract0x620edcaaf65c20ee6940158e5c24104fd3fc59ed

"I am pleased to give my thoughts about the Homo Spacien character and the collection. As there is a possibility that one day human beings will colonize earth-like planets and start living there, the collection is covering some possible evolutionary changes (mostly imaginary changes as there are many obscurities that science can't explain) that a human can have in a different environment. Our first character is female. As a persona in my mind, she is a free-spirited survivor, adaptive and a strong person with a higher self. We see her almost like a goddess with a full ability to merge with the universe. So she is a more developed version of us, both technologically and physically, and is pushing the boundaries of perception. We can feel that the way she looks up through the sky is profound. The way she looks has aesthetical values as the universe itself.

Our next persona may be the "male" version of her. The concept is very open to development. For instance, the evolutionary changes can go more extreme by imagining far in the future. We can see their living spaces in the background, or more specific sceneries of the planets they live on, etc.

I am very excited about building a strong community around this collection of people who are intrigued about what space has to offer us."

We are building a cosmic community. To share, listen, participate, discuss, and explore new ideas. The collection can go further once we have listened to the community. We would expect to introduce a "male" version with traits suggested by the community. And possibly also include a "boy" and "girl" version as the cosmic universe develops. And we could go further by also including pets such as a "dog" and "cat".

The Homo Spacien family will grow as the community grows.

Vizzio Art is a Digital Art & NFT platform empowering consumers to turn their TVs, and screens, into art galleries. And Vizzio Art allows you to display your NFT Art on your TV and let your friends see them too!

Vizzio Art plays an important part in the NFT eco-system by allowing NFT collectors the chance to get visibility around their NFT collections. Instead of NFT collections being stuck in a collector’s wallet, Vizzio Art gives them the chance to include them in the large catalogue of artworks and NFTs on the Vizzio Art platform. And generate an extra revenue stream from the collection.

Vizzio Art Creators Lab comprises a group of artists, creatives, developers and project managers who thrive in the creative world and push the boundaries to create amazing NFT collections. Vizzio Art Creators Lab has developed software in order to build exclusive collections of computer-generated art which include many traits and rare mixtures of the artwork elements.