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Start the Homo Spacien journey now by owning a CaniSpacien NFT. The Homo Spacien team are offering NFT and space lovers this incredible collection for FREE. You only pay the relevant gas fees on the Ethereum network!

CaniSpaciens have all been hand drawn by Nukhet Cetin, who is a well-respected artist in the digital art and graphic world. Nukhet only used her imagination to create this awesome collection uniting 262 amazing and unique traits in 12 categories.

Only 4,444 CaniSpaciens will be available and is your access to Homo Spacien. All CaniSpacien holders have first priority to our “female” Homo Spacien NFT collection!

CaniSpacien will be accessible via a whitelisting on our Discord channel. Join our Discord now to find out all the details.

Protecting our planet

CaniSpaciens love the planet so we pledge to mitigate the carbon footprint of the NFT mint by protecting nature and planting trees to offset the CO2 emissions.

We are working with Earth9 to source the best nature-based carbon credits and planting trees to make Earth a better place.

The collection and traits

The Art and Concept Creation of CaniSpacien has been created by the artist behind Homo Spacien, Nukhet Cetin. It is a unique, hand-drawn collection using geometrical shapes using the technique of Digital Collage Art and then computer-generated to create each NFT with their own style, scarcity and rarity from the tens of thousands of permutations possible.

262 traits in 12 categories have been used in the CaniSpacien collection.

background Backgrounds
background Fur Color
background Eyes
background Hair Styles
background Dresses
background Masks
background Earrings and Piercings
background Eye Glasses
background Shields
background Planets
background Tongues
background Spacecrafts

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FREE - only ETH Gas to be paid

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120 (minted and held by the project wallet)

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Vizzio Art Creators Lab comprises a group of artists, creatives, developers and project managers who thrive in the creative world and push the boundaries to create amazing NFT collections. Vizzio Art Creators Lab has developed software in order to build exclusive collections of computer-generated art which include many traits and rare mixtures of the artwork elements.