Launch of a “space dog” inspired NFT Collection, ‘CaniSpacien’

-FREE NFT mint of a unique hand drawn collection-

28 August 2022: Dogs are human’s best friends. But what about once humans colonize space? Well, the CaniSpacien NFT collection explores this subject and the eventuality that humans will one day live in space.

Vizzio Art Creators Lab (VACL) are excited to announce the launch of a limited “space dog” themed NFT collection ‘CaniSpacien’. Only 4,444 CaniSpaciens will be minted. This unique hand drawn series creatively plays with a space dog who will evolve in a space environment on another planet.

CaniSpacien is the first character to be fully released in the journey of Homo Spacien which explores how humans will evolve in the colonization of space. It is a FREE mint (just gas to pay) to celebrate the start of this cosmic journey. In addition, CaniSpacien holders will have first access to the mint of the “female” Homo Spacien NFT planned for this Autumn.

Space offers infinite opportunities which is why many unique and colourful traits have been incorporated into this unique NFT collection. This collection, created as digital collage art using geometrical shapes, comprises 262 traits in 12 categories and have come together using computer-generated software.

The Main Mint of CaniSpacien will be on their website on 14th September 2022. This FREE collection will be available via a whitelisting with all details on their Discord channel.

This planet needs protecting. And, CaniSpaciens love their planet. So, we are committed to mitigate the carbon footprint of the NFT mint by protecting nature and planting trees to offset the CO2 emissions.

The artist behind this collection is Nukhet Cetin, a well-respected artist in the digital art and graphic world. “Since a child I have always loved space and the infinite opportunities when looking into the skies above. This collection has been completely created from my imagination and the whole collection has been hand drawn”. “This collection unites my personal love of space and dogs” happily mentions Nukhet.

Patrick Ashworth, Galactic President, states “We have an incredibly talented team behind the CaniSpacien NFT collection, and the Homo Spacien project, including creatives, tech developers, blockchain specialists, marketing professionals, and an experienced community management team”. The team are highly committed and excited about this launch that has a clear potential to become a blue chip NFT collection”. “Not even the sky is the limit!”.


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Enjoy CaniSpacien!

For more information, contact Patrick Ashworth at

Phone: +44 788 740 6363

Notes to editor

Details of our CaniSpacien collection:

  • Limited edition to 4,444 unique CaniSpacien NFTs
  • Price: FREE (just gas fees to pay)
  • Main Mint: Wednesday 14/09/22 at 7pm GMT / 8pm CET / 2pm EST / 11am PST
  • Available only by whitelisting via Discord or Limited to 2 per user
  • Join our communities and you will be kept informed of the whitelistings and the build up to the launch.

About us

CaniSpacien is the FREE NFT collection starting the Homo Spacien cosmic journey. Homo Spacien is part of Vizzio Art Creators Lab, a UK-based technology company developing innovative platforms in the creative world.

The company comprises the CaniSpacien and Homo Spacien NFT collections; and Vizzio Art, a state-of-the-art technology for Digital Wall Art, empowering consumers to display artworks and NFTs on their TVs and change the artworks displayed at any moment.

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